Logo Maker by Ucraft

Logo Maker which is developed by Ucraft, is a reasonably new and feature heavy online software. It is very to use and relatively minimal. The site is free to use and can a great place for beginners to get ideas. It is free when exported in PNG, but around $12 is charged for the SVG format. The export quality of Logo Maker is very remarkable.


Logojoy is a free website which is template intensive, and the unique feature is its ability to form logos based on your requests and queries, this algorithm makes this site superior from its peers. The templates that we get are average, but we can request for more until we get a logo that we are comfortable with. Once we select a template, then we can edit it according to our needs.


Logaster is a reasonably outdated sight, but it is having massive amounts of logos which can be accessed using its generator. The logos are of excellent quality, and the export quality is excellent. The logos are customizable regarding different aspects; this makes it very flexible and very easy to use. The low-resolution logos are for free, but the ones with high resolution come at a price of $9.99.


Canva has been in the logo creation business for a long time. Canva became famous for its eye-catching and minimal designs and templates. Canva provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to editing and export. The works can be exported in high-quality formats. The models are of both paid and free varieties. The downside of Canva is that it is so popular the chances of seeing a similar design is high, but the amount of flexibility it provides for the user triumphs it.

Graphic Springs

Like its peers in the group this logo maker provides a variety of logos under different categories, these logos are of perfect design and colour. We can enter the necessary fields that we have to add to the logo and provides a range of edits you can apply. We can sort among the logos on the basis of new to old. If this isn’t enough, then we can choose from a range of shapes and lines which goes well with different logos on the site. Most of the logos are designed to go along with the suitable shapes and lines in the site. The software is free to use, but exporting it in any format can charge you $19.99, this, however, applies to unlock more features and templates along with more options to edit.